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We are Mitten Extracts – your source for thoughtfully crafted, Michigan-made cannabis products. We take pride in creating and curating the perfect experience for our consumers with a variety of cannabis products. Potency, locality, and craft is the foundation that our brand is built on. 


Perfectly Potent.

At our core, Mitten Extracts is high potency, superior quality, and will get you the experience you’ve been looking for. We give our customers the luxury of thinking less by providing clean and potent consumables. We’ve designed our products with the perfect balance of potency and flavor that will leave you feeling good about your choice.

Deep Local.

It’s all in the name. Mitten Extracts offers only the best to our fellow Michiganders. Our organization aims to provide the cannabis community with alternative options to flower. We thrive on being able to offer products that are made right here in Metro Detroit.


Crafted for You.

Knowing where and how our products are made sets us apart from others. We educate our consumers on the innovative art of harvesting and processing the best parts of the flower at peak ripeness. Our locally handcrafted concentrates are produced in small batches to ensure consistency and quality for our consumers.  We offer a variety of cannabis products including:

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